Friday night I went to the premiere of the movie that I just finished. I love watching a movie with the cast and crew. You can feel the excitement in the room – everyone’s supportive of each other and slightly nervous about their own performance. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the actors who only get to see bits and pieces in the ADR sessions before the screening. I’ve seen the movie a lot of times, but this was the first time with the final sound mix. Besides, it’s always slightly nerve wrecking to listen to the score on a different set of speakers than the ones I’m used to. I mixed most of the tracks myself, with the exception of four tracks that one of my coworkers, Mike Passero did. I usually prefer having other people mix for me so that I can focus everything on the writing. Same thing goes for score preparation, orchestration and so on. The reason why I ended up doing most of it myself was mainly because of the nature of the score. You can farm out more work if it’s a thematic orchestral score. With this, all the music was in my head and hands and getting someone else to “orchestrate” the cues would’ve taken longer than just doing it myself. Secondly, after working with commercials for several years, I’ve gotten used to working in a team and having everything I write approved before we send it out the door. Collaboration is great and you grow a lot from it. But it also felt important to prove to myself that I can stand on my own two feet. So watching the movie on the big screen and hearing the full score on Friday without wanting to go hide somewhere felt really good!

This was also a rare opportunity for me to work with a couple of fellow Scandinavians. The lead actor, Emily Foxler is Swedish and the producer, Lene Bausager is Danish. I’d love it if we could do a screening in Scandinavia at some point.