New Feature

I got a feature! I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now and I have lots of music to write still. It’s a psychological thriller so I get to be weird and experimental, which is a refreshing break from the commercial scoring. Most of the time when I write for commercials it needs to be accessible, simple, sellable. I’ve been told to dumb it down sometimes. But for this score I’ve been told to go far out there. To not be afraid of adding more weirdness and intensity. It’s great! I wish I got to hear that more often. So I’m pulling out all kinds of tricks for this one. There are owls and police radios, my office manager’s voice over the intercom at my studio, detuned synths and Norwegian random singing in reverse run through all kinds of filters. And that’s only the beginning. It feels like I’m painting an abstract picture. I know there’s forceful material in there that I’m trying to carve out. That through the cacophony there is a form that makes sense. Or at least is on its way to making sense. It’s going to be a very textural score, located in the space between music and sound design.

The film is directed by James Ward Byrkit, who is one of the creators of the animated film Rango, among other projects.