Zelda Premieres

Friday night was the US premiere of the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony. I was very excited as it was the very first time an orchestral piece I’d written would be performed. So my husband and I got in the car to go to Hollywood, drove through the Friday night crowds and suddenly we saw a really long line along a building. We were wondering what big artist was playing until we realized the line was for Pantages Theater where the Zelda concert was happening. I was blown away! I’ve felt very privileged who had the opportunity to write for a big concert like this, but I had no idea it would be this huge! I realize now (slightly late, but still…) how big of a fan base Zelda has worldwide. People drove for hours to wait in line for hours to hear the concert in their Zelda costumes. It was awesome! Very nerdy, but still awesome! During the concert they cheered and applauded every time they recognized a theme (which was often) and when composer Koji Condo surprisingly entered the stage at the very end of the concert to play Grandma’s Theme from Wind Waker on solo piano, the crowd went wild!

I was so proud of my super talented friends Chad Seiter and Susie Bench, who did the arrangements and orchestrations for the whole concert. They are rock stars! “My” piece, Kakariko Village was a small contribution, but it was still SUCH a trip to finally hear something I’d written in a concert.

Tomorrow the concert will be played in London at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Here’s a picture from today’s rehearsal with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:

Soon I’ll be able to share music with you as well!