TV Pilot

This last month has been incredibly busy! I went from having nothing to do to non-stop work weeks. I’ve been scoring a pilot episode for a TV show – 15 minutes of original score in 3 weeks. Which isn’t that much music, but with a full time job, changes for the Zelda concert and a somewhat limited team to help me it’s been rather crazy. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about the show yet as it’s highly confidential at this point. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be picked up so that you can see it for yourself some day! All I can say is that we had two great recording sessions last week and we’re now working on mixes. One of my favorite things about LA is that you have some of the best talent at your finger tips. Whatever you need is a phone call away. I can write a track one day and have an ensemble of musicians to play my music beautifully the next. The recording sessions are always such a reward and make all the stress leading up to them worth it.
Hopefully I get to share something with you shortly.