Three Things of Inspiration

Right now I’m waiting to hear back about possibly demoing for a TV pilot, (fingers crossed!) as well as waiting for my Zelda cue to be orchestrated. There’s also a dry spell at work (which is how it usually goes with commercials in the summer time), which means I have some extra time on my hands. A little bit of free time is great. Too much makes me unproductive and bored, but hopefully it’ll pick up soon. In the mean time I’m seeking out stuff to fill up my inspiration pot. Here are three things I wanted to share with you:
A great blog saturated with European aesthetic.

I’m also obsessed with Bon Iver’s new album “Bon Iver”, which is gorgeous. Cinematic. Intimate. I realize I’m very picky with the music I truly love. There’s a lot of music I really like, but the albums that make me wanna listen over and over again come around perhaps every four years…! This time it is Bon Iver that plays on repeat in my head.

And lastly, I’ve been watching “In Treatment” and I’m hooked! And amazed that I can be hooked on something that’s purely based on two people talking with each other. It’s all about story and the actors’ performance. The work of Gabriel Byrne and Mia Wasikowska especially stand out. It’s such a bold move by HBO and I’m so happy to see that a show like that can work in this restless age where we’re bombarded with fast paced story lines and special effects. Watching “In Treatment” makes you slow down and listen. And yet it’s never boring.

Anything that inspires you?