When working in film and TV I feel that I very often have less time than what I need to be satisfied with what I’ve made. Sadly this sometimes makes you settle for good, when if you had more time it could be great. That being said, I do think that having a deadline is good for my productivity. It makes me actually finish stuff. A lot of stuff. But sometimes it is nice to have the rare chance to dig deeper and take my time. This is the situation I’m in right now. I’ve been asked to write a piece for a concert that’s gonna be based on the themes from the Zelda video games. I feel honored and intimidated by this, but mostly I’m really enjoying the chance to write something for an 80 piece orchestra and that I can take my time doing it. I listened through all the themes (over 700 pieces of music!) and have picked two that I’ll combine in a 5 minute piece. The great thing also this time is that I get to work with an orchestrator for the first time. This is a new experience for me, but I love that I can hand something over to someone who will make it sound right. I find that I like to give as much information as possible and that the orchestration is a big part of the composition, but I know that the orchestrator will lift it to a level that would be hard for me to do on my own.
My friend and awesome composer Chad Seiter is writing the majority of the music for the concert (in fact he’s writing a whole symphony). Here’s a video from when the concert was announced at the E3 conference a short while ago:
(The music is written by Chad).