The Hemispherectomy Foundation

Even though I love my job, I sometimes feel that it’s a bit self serving and not necessarily something that gives a lot back to society. I’m not saying music and entertainment isn’t important, cause it is, but I’m sure the world would also do just fine without my commercial tracks…!

Which is why it’s great every once in a while to get to contribute to something that really matters. I just wrote the music for an informational video for families affected by hemispherectomies, a rare surgical procedure performed on young kids who are suffering from various neurological disorders. The surgery involves basically removing half of the child’s brain and the goal is to do it as early as possible, preferably by age 3. That way they are young enough to develop the remaining half of the brain to compensate for the part that’s removed. I personally got to meet the son of the producers of this film, who underwent this surgery when he was only 18 months old. Now he is 4 and running around and talking. It’s simply amazing!

There are only approximately 200 hemispherectomies performed world wide every year. Because of this, a lot of parents going through this have naturally never met anyone else who have gone through the same. Hopefully they can find helpful information and support at and hear other parents talk about their experience through this video: