Visa, Honda And A Full Time Job

Long time no blog. I’ve been super busy scoring a whole bunch of commercials, of which I’ve won three. Two for Honda and one for Visa. The Visa was especially fun as I got to write a big orchestral track and it’s going to be running a lot. It’s also fun that Morgan Freeman is doing the narration as I’m a fan! (Not that I got the chance to meet him or anything. He was of course recorded separately. But still!!) Last week we brought in a mini orchestra that we overdubbed to make the sound bigger. We also had a drummer, a guitarist, vocals and piano. Fun stuff!

Check out the Visa commercial here:

Visa Meet The Never Missed The Superbowl Club

Also, here are the Honda commercials:



I have lots of things to be thankful for these days. On Monday I start a full time job as a staff composer at Hum, which is a Santa Monica based music house focusing on music for commercials. I can’t wait to be part of a work environment after working by myself for so many years. It’s gonna be really busy, really fun and I know I’m gonna learn a lot! It’s gonna be great. No more sleeping in in the mornings!