Scoring At Record Speed

It’s been four days since the spotting session for “That Side of a Shadow” and I’ve already written the first pass of about a third of the score. It’s fascinating to think how different the process is for each project. The last feature film I scored I had months to conceptualize and analyze the script, work with ideas and do a lot of thinking around the score. This time it’s a lot about just doing. There’s no time to sit around and just think. But it’s nice to feel that I’ve gotten faster at writing and that there still is a lot of thought behind the choices I make. It’s just at a more subconscious level. And it helps a lot that this movie resonates a lot with me. It has an atmosphere that makes me respond immediately. It’s also a genre of music that I feel very comfortable with – a lot of electronic contemporary textures.

The first thing I did after the spotting session on Friday was to make a list of all the cues and put them in categories to see which cues where related. That way it’s easier to use the material from one cue and develop it into something else in another related one. I also wrote down how long they were to know how much music I need to write every day to finish on time.

More updates will come soon, but now it’s time to get some much needed sleep.