Film music vs steak sauce.

OK, so this was gonna be a blog entry about good music vs good film music. But what ends up happening every time I try and write something about it is that I realize that it’s impossible to make some general definition of what good film music is. I guess the only general definition I can think of is that film music is good if it works well with picture. (Surprise!) But even that is subject to different opinions. There’s a million different ways of doing something well. Whether it’s cheesy elevator music or over the top heroic orchestral music they can both be brilliant. The determining factor is what the scene requires.
So my general rule is that I will always offer my opinion and try to write music that I feel strongly about, but really, at the end of the day there’s really only one opinion that matters and that is the director’s. It’s his or her creative vision that everyone involved is trying to help execute. This is art we’re talking about. There are no absolutes. And in that endless sea of opinions of everyone involved, someone’s say has to be the final one. So I won’t stop writing until the director is happy. And when she or he is, and I still feel good about it, then success!

So that’s it. I could keep writing about this forever, but the truth is that I need sleep before the next few days. Looks like a storm is coming in this week. Lots and lots to do. Tomorrow I’ll receive the final cut of “First Dates” which is a short film directed by Sam Wasserman at the American Film Institute. We had our spotting session on Friday, and I look forward to starting the scoring for that very shortly. In addition I’m demoing for another film as well as working on an album with my band Postulat. Tomorrow I’ll also squeeze in some time for a steak sauce commercial. (!) My job is full of contrasts. Thankfully! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!