My latest commercial

For the last 18 months I’ve been working a lot with commercials. I work as a freelancer for a company called Hum which is a composer house focusing on music for TV. For every commercial they get we are a group of around 10 composers who each will write a track. Then the client chooses the one they like the most. So every commercial is a competition, which can be really challenging for the composer, but pretty ideal for the client who most of the time is working under serious time constraints. (So are we, we usually have less than a day to write 30 seconds of music.) Over the last months I’ve built a pretty big library of commercial tracks that Hum sometimes tries to license. Below is an example of a track I originally wrote for an Audi commercial that was licensed for the Olympics for a commercial for Walmart. For those of you in Norway who don’t know what Walmart is, it’s a huge American retail store that sells everything from food to sports equipment.